Cathy Eats Her Words

October 8, 2007


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Cathy is Cathy is a lively, opinionated redhead in her early 50s, and is always having to eat her words. She’s the proud inhabitant of an empty nest. Her daughter Star has finally left home, and now she and her second husband can enjoy unplanned sex whenever they want. But then her daughter comes home again and everything changes.

Husband (name to be chosen later) is a few years older then Cathy. Widowed, he is a  perfectly broken-in husband and Cathy is lucky to have him. He is retired and spends his time fiddling with projects in the basement, picking up stray cats, and trying to rid the neighborhood of a pack of vicious, cat-killing dogs.

Star is Cathy’s just-out-of-adolescence daughter who decided in her teens that she was grown up, and moved back to her dad’s house, with dire consequences. She’s got a boyfriend from  hell, tho she adores him, and doesn’t see his resemblance to her father, the jerk. She’s having trouble being as independent as she talks, but when she finally gets around to it, finds good reasons to grow up fast.

Dad (name to be chosen) has turned out to be a real jerk, tho he wasn’t so bad when they were first married. Cathy left him after ten years when it became obvious that he wasn’t interested in fixing the problems in their relationship, and since then he has isolated himself with strange habits and antisocial tendencies. His idea of good fatherhood is to throw money around, but not to offer any support, advice, discipline, or understanding. Consequently, Star’s life with father is a free-for-all, and nothing but trouble comes from it.

Star’s boyfriend (name to come) comes from rich parents, who buy him everything. They own the house he lives in, his truck, his cellphone, and they control him thru his possessions. So he’s spoiled, and thinks he’s invincible, until the cops catch up with him.


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