Cathy Eats Her Words

October 14, 2007

Scenes we’d like to see

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Opening scene – Cathy and husband in bed after hot sex, surprised by Dad and Star.

Follow-on – Cathy in the kitchen with Dad, on the defensive about the indiscretion, being told she has to take Star back.

Star making a scene about having to do things in Cathy’s house, being rebellious and immature. A mother daughter fight.

Star’s friends visit, sweetness and light.

Star goes back to Dad after being told to get a job, and shortly after moves in with boyfriend, at which point Dad disowns her. Cathy and husband have sex.

Star and boyfriend and the drug deal gone wrong. They end up in jail.

Cathy visits Star in jail. She’s pitiful.

Star asks to go to rehab, on the advice of her lawyer. Dad reluctantly agrees to pay the necessary.

Cathy visits Star in rehab. a 12-step meeting. She tells her mom that she’s pregnant, and she’s afraid they’ll take the baby if she has to go to jail.

Star moves in with Cathy and husband. She’s different, nicer, quieter, telling the truth. Her drug friends visit; they’re a little sketchy.

Sex with Cathy and husband while Star is living in the house.

Star misses a court date and boyfriend, the bail bondsman and bounty hunter, shows up at the door wanting to know where she is so he can take her in, so he won’t lose the bail. Cathy stonewalls, and realizes that precautions have to be taken. They make a room for her in a hidden part of the house.

Dinner at Cathy’s house: drawn shades, a new recipe, Star doesn’t answer the phone and doesn’t walk her dog.

Dog walks with Cathy and husband. (This scene is repeated again and again as the story proceeds)

Dealing with Star’s pregancy. Cathy reads up on midwifery, figures out how to get necessary medical care while not tipping off any authorities.

Cathy negotiates with pregnant Green (drug friend) for her medicaid card so Star can get lab tests. Cathy is suspicious that she will tell.

Boyfriend starts hanging out near the house, waiting for Star to show herself. He sends messages thru Green that he loves her, and that everything will be fine if she’ll give herself up. But Cathy doesn’t believe his assurances. Drug friends begin to tell stories about Star, boyriend begins to be abusive.

Star gets very pregnant, sleeps all day, eats like she’s starving, learns to cook, acts like the perfect daughter. Cathy can’t sleep at night for all the fears of what can go wrong, both with the birth and with boyfriend and the drug friends, and Star’s legal situation.

There are more shennanigans with the medical authorities. Green acts suspiciously and tells more horrible stories about Star. Star’s Dad comes by to talk about it, and they have a conversation that Star can hear. Star’s boyfriend comes to the door and threatens.

The birth. In labor, everyone comes to the door to interrupt the process. Cathy is frantic with things to do and to worry about. It takes forever, but Star finally has her baby.

more to come


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