Cathy Eats Her Words

October 22, 2007

Chapter Structure

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1. Moving in – Short period of time, maybe a month

  • Cathy and husband, blissfully alone in their house
  • Meet the ex, surprising them after sex
  • Star moves in
  • Cathy rearranges the spare room
  • A garbled version to Cathy’s mom
  • The boyfriend comes to dinner – bounty hunter
  • Star continues being rebellious teenager
  • Meet the drug friends
  • Cathy and husband unhappy

2. Moving out – One or two months

  • Ex helps move
  • Drug friends visit – pregnant, witch
  • Cathy rearranges the room
  • Cathy and husband blissful again
  • Garbled version to Mom
  • Star moves in with boyfriend
  • Ex relays drug friends’ tales

3. Jail – Maybe a month and a half

  • Breakin at boyfriend’s, jail
  • Ex’s reaction
  • Jail visit
  • Boyfriend’s parents
  • Garbled version to Mom
  • Star bailed out by boyriend
  • Star goes to rehab
  • Star learns she’s pregnant
  • Ex upset
  • Rehab visit w/husband and boyfriend
  • Garbled version to Mom

4. Moving in, again – Several weeks to a month

  • Star, reformed
  • Cathy cautious
  • Rearrange room
  • Boyfriend sneaks visit
  • Star gets a job, pays fines
  • Visit to OB, hospital
  • Star learns to cook
  • Mom wants to visit
  • Ex disapproves

5. Hiding – Four or five months

  • Star skips a court date
  • Star wants to hide to protect baby
  • Cathy rearranges two rooms – renovation, robbery as excuses
  • Cathy brushes up on her midwife skills
  • Boyfriend comes looking for Star
  • Mom’s visit is blown off
  • Using pregnant drug friend’s medical ID
  • Garbled version to Mom
  • Ex has nothing good to say
  • Boyfriend stakes out house

6. Waiting – Four or five months

  • Star very pregnant
  • Cathy waits on Star
  • Drug friend has her baby
  • Mom arrives
  • Mom gets sick
  • Mom takes over
  • Cathy and husband hide
  • Mom and Star go shopping
  • Boyfriend observes
  • Boyfriend threatens Cathy

7. Birth – About a week

  • Birth
  • A lull, ex, drug friends
  • Boyfriend sets up Cathy
  • Cathy and Mom arrested
  • Boyfriend apprehends Star
  • Husband watches the baby
  • Star, Mom and Cathy in jail

8. Resolution – A couple of weeks

  • Lawyer visits Cathy, Star
  • Lawyer investigates boyfriend
  • Boyfriend visits Star in jail – marriage?
  • Drug friends something, ex something
  • Star’s charges dismissed
  • Cathy bailed out, Mom sent home
  • Boyfriend confronted by Star, lawyer, Cathy
  • Star decides to stay
  • What happens to ex, drug friends, Mom
  • Cathy and husband blissful

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