Cathy Eats Her Words

October 25, 2007

Expanded Chapter Structure

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A older couple deserve peace and quiet, but disaster strikes when three generations of women hole up in one house, running from the law.

1. Moving in – Short period of time, maybe a month

  • Cathy and husband, blissfully alone in their house
    • description of scene
  • Meet the ex, surprising them after sex
    • angry conversation w/ex in kitchen
    • proper adult behavior, star’s recent activities – dui
  • Star moves in
    • things star can’t stand (heat, light, scavenging, food), adjustments everybody has to make (airflow, doors, TV, phone ringing at night, laundry, bathroom stuff, smelly things)
    • spread out
  • Cathy rearranges the spare room
    • recabling the office, making new arrangements for sewing area
  • A garbled version to Cathy’s mom
    • trying to keep Mom ignorant of everything that’s going on
    • different version to lawyer friend
  • The boyfriend comes to dinner – bounty hunter
    • guns on the bed, stories of apprehension, swagger
  • Star continues being rebellious teenager
    • won’t get a job, won’t feed herself, won’t clean, won’t eat in the kitchen
    • driving on suspended license – caught speeding
  • Meet the drug friends
    • Greanne, a pregnant used-too-be meth dealer, and Saphyr, a witch who also states she is pregnant, but doesn’t get any larger
  • Cathy and husband unhappy
    • too much change, too large a burden, no time to be alone with each other, too expensive, court, no sex
    • dog hunt

2. Moving out – One or two months

  • Ex helps move
    • star has had enough restrictions, and wants to be free, so she’s going back to live with dad
    • dad’s parting shots – i told you so
  • Drug friends visit
    • they’re saying upsetting things about star, hinting she’s been stealing from them, driving
  • Cathy rearranges the room
    • recabling, moving heavy furniture, taking down drapes, opening windows
  • Cathy and husband blissful again
    • sex in unusual ways
    • cathy gets a dog
  • Garbled version to Mom
    • star wasn’t happy because we don’t like air conditioning
    • different version to lawyer friend
  • Star moves in with boyfriend
    • unexpectedly. ex has little to say, doesn’t care
  • Cathy visits Star at boyfriend’s
    • too much opulence, the mess of lots of roommates, no food. lies
  • Ex relays drug friends’ tales
    • cathy worries about star, is unhappy whenever she thinks about her

3. Jail – Maybe a month and a half

  • Breakin at boyfriend’s, jail
    • drug deal gone bad, cleaning out boyfriend’s house, meet the parents
  • Ex’s reaction
    • wash his hands, again. leave her in jail
  • Jail visit
    • prison uniform, cold, not sleeping, contrite and promising. court
  • Boyfriend’s parents
    • leave him in jail, bail out next day, ban contact with star, whose fault it is
  • Garbled version to Mom
    • she’s fine, i don’t hear from her often
    • different version to lawyer friend
  • Star bailed out by boyfriend
    • he loves her, he’ll fix it, they’ll stay together
  • Star goes to rehab
    • dad hires a fancy lawyer, takes her advice to get her admitted
  • Star learns she’s pregnant
    • blood test done twice, mentioning it casually to cathy, reaction
  • Ex upset
    • he washes his hands of her again, advises abortion and bars her from contact with boyfriend
  • Rehab visit w/husband and boyfriend
    • 12-step meeting, parents in denial, cathy’s confession, boyfriend says all the right things, marriage plans
  • Garbled version to Mom
    • she’s pregnant and not getting an abortion, praise the lord. are they getting married?

4. Moving in, again – Several weeks to a month

  • Star, reformed
    • glad to be out, looking in the eye, straight talking, discussing the past
    • her dog
  • Cathy cautious
    • no more money, no more waiting on star hand and foot
  • Rearrange room
    • recabling, hanging curtains, tv, dad buys her a window air conditioner
  • Boyfriend sneaks visit
    • parents won’t let them see each other, cathy enables
  • Star gets a job, pays fines
    • cathy drives her – suspended license
  • Visit to OB, hospital
    • not like cathy’s experience
  • Star learns to cook
    • vs cathy’s food sensitivities
  • Mom wants to visit
    • garbled version, sure, come on down, but mom gets sick
    • different version to lawyer friend
  • Ex disapproves
    • of everything, complains about money, boyfriend, pregnancy

5. Hiding – Four or five months

  • Star skips a court date
    • has heard court will take baby, fueled by greane’s experience
  • Star wants to hide to protect baby
    • husband is against it, cathy gets irrational about it, fight w/dogs
    • what laywer friend has to say
  • Cathy rearranges two rooms – renovation, robbery as excuses
    • star moves into the attic – anne frank
  • Cathy brushes up on her midwife skills
    • hours on the internet, chat groups, old textbooks, gathering instruments
  • Boyfriend comes looking for Star
    • bounty hunter looking to protect his investment. honeyed words, suspicious eyes
    • star’s dog
  • Mom’s visit is blown off
    • ready to come, no too busy right now, come later nearer birth time
    • Garbled version to Mom – she’s fine, learning to cook, sleeping alot
  • Using pregnant drug friend’s medical ID
    • shenanigans to hide star from greane, sneak star out of house
    • greane tells boyfriend
  • Ex has nothing good to say
    • abortion, bad genes, money, his own job and future at risk because of star
  • Boyfriend stakes out house
    • only gradually do they notice his truck across the street, reactions of cathy and husband
    • husband makes arrangements to observe boyfriend’s activities around their house
  • Cathy and husband sneak off and have sex

6. Waiting – Four or five months

  • Star very pregnant
    • tv, chocolate pudding, sleeping, up all night. phone calls
  • Cathy waits on Star
    • food, interruptions, walking in on them in bed, nursery item list, dog
    • shopping for clothes and nursery items, all wrong
    • lawyer friend
  • Drug friend has her baby
    • blood test, custody, involuntary admission
  • Mom arrives
    • unannounced, pick me up from the airport. too much luggage – i prayed
    • sees how things are – doesn’t understand or condone hiding, they keep the details from her
  • Mom gets sick
    • flax seed creates constipation creates diverticulitis
  • Mom takes over
    • tv, temperature, blinds, phone, slip-ups all over
  • Cathy and husband hide
    • downstairs in husband’s sanctum. sex at last except for interruptions
    • husband says something bad, cathy thinks he hates her
    • another fight, dog walk, wish to get away from family stress
    • 7. Birth – About a week

    • Birth
      • mom objects, threatens
      • not like cathy’s experience
    • A lull, ex, drug friends
      • they think everything will be all right
      • dog
      • lawyer friend
    • Husband takes ill
      • hospital, heart, noises, sleep, nurses, temperature, sex
      • cathy goes home to walk the dogs
    • Mom and Star go shopping while Cathy’s not there
      • leave openly in the car despite all cathy’s warnings, when they are out
    • Boyfriend observes
      • prowls around, plants devices
    • Boyfriend threatens Cathy
      • cathy stands up to him
    • Husband gets out of the hospital, weak
      • notices boyfriend, takes steps to protect family
    • Boyfriend sets up Cathy
      • in the midst of threats, a plant on her porch
      • doesn’t care about baby
    • Cathy and Mom arrested
      • mom because she causes a ruckus, boyfriend across the street
    • Boyfriend apprehends Star
      • amid promises of love and devotion, dragging her to the car
      • star hands baby to husband as she goes to answer the door
    • Husband watches the baby
      • weak, has to put baby in carriage and go for formula
      • dog walking
      • rekindling knowledge put aside decades ago – how to feed and change, burp
      • dog hunt
    • Star, Mom and Cathy in jail
      • passing messages
      • mom in infirmary

    8. Resolution – A couple of weeks

    • Lawyer visits Cathy, Star
      • new information about boyfriend, activities, phone calls
      • prosecutor wants to make example of star
    • Lawyer investigates boyfriend
      • informer – her client being set up by him
      • still selling drugs
    • Boyfriend visits Star in jail – marriage?
      • not sure about the baby, maybe he has a plan to get rid of it?
    • Drug friends something, ex something
      • don’t know yet
    • Star’s charges dismissed
      • because of boyfriend’s deal w/cops
    • Cathy bailed out, Mom sent home
      • dog
      • evidence that drugs were planted by boyfriend
      • tapes and photos
    • Star moves out
      • Cathy rearranges room
      • Star moves back in
      • Boyfriend comes to get her – that’s my baby
    • Boyfriend confronted by Star, lawyer, Cathy
      • know what he’s up to, reports to cops and informees, parents
      • boyfriend gives up and goes somewhere else
      • or, house arrest = parents, then mercenary army
    • Star decides to stay
      • cathy rearranges room to accomodate star and nursery
    • What happens to ex, drug friends, Mom
      • mom’s officially a hypochondriac, others end up worse off
    • Cathy and husband blissful
      • sex is still furtive, but they keep the futon open in husband’s sanctum
      • dogs

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