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August 13, 2008

woman steals sister’s baby

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sally got pregnant.

her whole family worried. sally has always been the black sheep, and her only sibling, toni, was always the good girl, tho in their 30s there’s not much difference between them to the outside observer.

they were raised army brats, with a dad who never fit the mold but insisted on having his way, and a pretty but neurotic mother whom they’ve all since divorced.

neither of the girls turned out “normal”. sally studied ballet the whole time she was growing up, and as she got to the time of her first professional audition, her mom threw her out of the house and turned her life upside down. so she turned to the entertainment world, and became other kinds of dancers.

then after suffering the inevitabilities of that life, she cleaned up, and started her own business teaching the tricks of the trade to newcomers and wannabes. it’s a successful, but her family think it’s ignoble.

toni was the tomboy, but that pleased her father, who flew bombing missions while the kids were growing up. he had a hardline political attitude, while their mother had a religious ferver caught from some tv ministry, and together they worked out impossible ambitions for their kids – sally was going to grow up to be barbie, and toni was going to be the first female top gun.

after high school, toni followed her tomboy tendencies, hung out with those kids who ride skateboards and do graffiti all day, and got a lot barren of tattoos. eventually she hooked up with one of them, and they opened a business selling supplies to all his loser friends. toni was the brains behind the business. the guy just wanted to hang out with his friends and get high. her dad was proud of her.

when sally got pregnant, toni felt like she’d been nailed thru the heart. she’d been trying to get pregnant for years, and really ached for a baby, and here was her bad-girl sister getting to have one. it wasn’t fair.

their business was having trouble, the other guy who’d started it with them wanted to do things his way, and was trying to force them out of it. it must have been getting uncomfortable way off in the frozen north, where they were living. they moved down to the sunny south about the time sally announced she was having a baby.

we thought, how nice, to have her barren sister around while she was going thru pregnancy. sally was happy to have her. they didn’t always see eye to eye, and her dad always supported toni’s side, but they were all one big happy family. except for the mom, whom nobody ever wanted to talk to.

so there were toni and her guy, in an apartment in town, helping sally pick out baby clothes and furniture. they bought some for themselves, too, because the plan was for the baby to spend as much time with toni as with sally. toni had the time, what with not having the business to occupy her, and sally’s business was getting publicity and increasing, especially with the glow of pregnancy making her that much more attractive and vivacious.

sally got bigger, and finally peeled like a grape, and out came mascott. i was there. he had a very large winkie for someone so small. sally’s whole family was there. the babby daddy showed up late as always, sally’s dad was there, and so was toni and her guy, all of them staring down sally’s snatch to see the head crowning.

they took him home, and then it started. sally’s dad was staying in the spare bedroom while she learned to cope, and he was one big string of criticism. she wasn’t holding the baby right. she wasn’t feeding him right. she wasn’t changing him right. she wasn’t a very good mother.

sally didn’t want to just kick him out. she needed him to leave her alone with little mascott, but she knew it must be hard on him, sitting in her living room all day listening to right-wing hate radio loud enough to drown out the baby einstein stuff she was trying to play for little mascott in her bedroom.

finally he left, and sally went back to work. at this point she began taking little mascott over to toni’s and leave her to babysit while she went to run her business. sometimes she’d leave him with me when she had to go for quick errands.

things went on like this for some months. toni would keep mascott for days at a time, and then sally would take him for awhile, and they switched off regularly. the sisters were all about we can do this the whole time he’s growing up. an extended family, yeah.

they would raise them as if each of the sisters were his mom, and they’d keep shuttling him back and forth between them, for longer periods, as he grew up. they could see him spending summers with one and the school year with the other.

still, sally experienced a lot of browbeating from her sister. toni always had cute new baby clothes that she hinted sally couldn’t afford, and always tut-tutted at sally’s high energy and dramatic ways, acting like she was the earth mother, and sally was too flighty to raise a baby. toni even told her, during a moment of doubt sally was having, that she was too fucked up to be a good mother, and she should just let toni raise little mascott, because toni could give him so much more of everything and sally’s life was such a bad example.

then toni and her guy started talking about how some production company back out in la, where he was from, was on the verge of starting filming on a reality tv show staring him. okay, we know nothing of the glamor of celebrity streetlife. glittery grit. they’ll make a tv show about anything. what the fuck.

sally and toni discussed the idea of her and her guy moving back to la to do this show. sally thought it would be a great business move, and they should definitely do it.

and what about the baby?

sally saw no real reason not to adjust the distance between the two moms. it took 20 minutes to get the baby from one house to the other at this point, but what difference did any further move make? it would be just as much of a trek to get the baby if toni should move to charleston, or new orleans, as if she moved to la. so if they were going to move at all, it meant it didn’t matter where they moved. not as long as it was two moms raising their baby.

suddenly the move to the west coast became a given, and they discussion moved to taking little mascott out to california with them.

all of a sudden he was going to be a featured part of the reality tv show. everybody agreed that having a baby as cute as mascott on any show would make the ratings skyrocket. hell, i’d watch it, and i hate tv.

soon the time came for them to pack up the u-haul and make the long trek out to california, thousands of miles. and bringing a baby, it was going to be slow, as well.

the production company had been going to start filming their reality show in the spring, while they still lived in georgia, and then they were going to film them moving to la with the baby, and then whatever. presumably it would end in divorce, like in all realty shows.

but the filming didn’t happen while they were still here, and since i only ever talk to sally, i don’t know that it’s started yet, two months later.

before they left, i had cautioned sally that she’d want to have a clear title on the baby, with something signed agreeing that mascott was just on loan to toni, and the final say on anything belonged with sally, his mother. you never know with women who can’t have children.

sally treated it like a joke.

once they left, sally was busy shepherding her business thru a flooding crisis that closed the shop for nine days. she lost a lot of business. this incident sparked off a bitter war with her scumbag landlord. she was constantly coping with nasty text messages, and the landlord’s accusations of her negligence and fault.

she heard from toni often at first, they talked about how little mascott was adapting, what he was eating. he was only 5 months old at this point. the plan was for toni to have him for two months, while they settled in and started filming. sally would have two months to get her business in order, and would then come out to la to get mascott.

soon after toni moved to california, she stopped hearing sally when they talked about mascott’s future. lalalalala i can’t hear you lalalala. then she got curt. then she stopped answering calls.

toni did, in a conversation i heard sally’s side of, at times shouted all the way from the apartment and deck downstairs, i heard toni suggest to sally that she just stay in georgia and deal with her landlord, and let toni keep the baby for now. he was doing so well out in la, he really loved it, and everybody loved him, and he had so many nice things, and it was perfect.

i heard sally tell toni that whatever she might wish to the contrary for mascott, the final decision on every aspect of his life rested with sally as his mother, and that mascott would not be doing many of the things toni was dreaming of.

a week later, i also overheard toni telling sally in very strong terms that she should relinquish custody because toni was a better mother, and sally had too many problems to raise a child. the drugs, the alcohol, the jail time, the bad friends. and at least toni married her guy, while sally had slept with too many to keep track of.

now, sally is high strung. she’s also extremely energetic and driven. she’s got her down moods, and they’re very down, and her up moods, and they’re very up. in her 20s she had her substance issues, and her adventures with the law. she went to rehab. she joined a church. she became a businesswoman. she grew up.

as a mother, she will probably be one of those whirlwinds who accomplish absolutely anything, from the eyes of her adoring little mascott. even her nervous breakdowns will be full of drama and excitement. she’ll take little mascott to photo shoots if she has to, to radio interviews, when he’s old enough he can run the cash register. he’ll grow up studying his mother like the piece of work she is, and become, i don’t know a famous stage director. or a fashion designer. or a heavy metal punk guitar player like his daddy. something not normal. and he’ll succeed on his own terms.

in the meantime, sally was getting a little upset by the cold treatment.

toni had uttered fighting words. don’t come out to la. we’re going to get an injunction.

being the cosmopolitain girl she is, sally was out to dinner one night with two of the most successful criminal defense attorneysin town. they were really impressive. the cars, the bling, the names they dropped. they knew both sides of the fence, so if she needed any favors….

sally told them about her little mascott, and her sister’s attemps to keep him from her.

here’s what you do, they advised, advice worth $650 in the office. get on a plane tomorrow. call this number, these are ex-con friends of ours who owe us favors. they’ll go with you to your sister’s house, you get your kid, and get back on the plane. do not talk to your family. tell nobody what you’re fixing to do.

in the meantime, she’d been back and forth on the landlord issue. she’d called her own plumbers, who came out and certified that all previous work on the pipes had been substandard. she called code enforcement on the landlord’s premises, and he’d been cited for a number of violations. he was now trying to bill her for the entire cost of repairs to his plumbing. she was now refusing to pay rent for not only the time the store had been closed due to flooding, but also withholding rent going forward, as the lease was now in dispute. actually, she didn’t have a lease. he had refused to renew the one-year lease she’d started with, and so she was a tenant at will, and he could jjust kick her out if she made trouble, like calling to report a busted pipe

sally had to arrange someone to take care of the shop, and had to get a lawyer to go to court for her against her landlord, who was asking for damages. but she got everything squared away, and flew out to california just last week. she scheduled the confrontation with her sister for last, and used her time wisely, promoting her business, and auditioning for some crazy tv show. she’s a finalist.

when she got to toni’s door on friday morning, with a policeman in tow to add authority to her request for her baby back, she was served with papers instead.

not even allowed to see her baby.

OVER A MONTH AGO, toni and her guy went to court in la and asked for an order of temporary custody, on the grounds that the baby had been abandoned by its mother. they were granted it, and a court date was set for this past monday.

sally got to la on friday. saturday, sunday, court. she could answer the allegations on monday, and fuck her.

i want to point out the sheer miracuity of the coincidence here. the court gave them a random hearing date according to the vagaries of their calendar. sally picked a day at random, including sdetouring for business and pleasure, to arrive JUST IN TIME TO GET A LAWYER in order to try to get her baby back. she just by hours missed being a no-show in court and them being given permanent custody. after that, they’d look at her records and history with much more scrutiny at her challenge to their order.

they had planned it for at least a month. it might have gone back to the beginning of the talk about moving out to la for a tv show. it might have gone as far back as when sally first announced she was pregnant, and the family’s response was this is terrible how can we control it?

it was a conspiracy to commit perjury and kidnapping, in order to carry out a childish wish that sally should suffer at the hands of her sister, forever. their father supported toni, as he unfailingly does.

sally got a lawyer on the friday afternoon. in la. a woman who thought she probably had a case. sally called me for a character reference, and i wrote what i have put down here, except i didn’t say how much of a skank toni is, how pitifully deluded, how spiteful and mean, how like the barren old lady she’ll grow into, wrinkled tattoos and all.

sally ran around la like a madwoman all day friday. she checked into a hotel, she got a drug test, she drained her bank account to pay the lawyer.

on monday she walked in to get her baby back.

toni presented allegations.

in the preliminary hearing, the judge decided it was not necessary to inform sally about the legal procedings concerning her baby, because of toni’s fear that sally would arrive and create a scene trying to take her baby back.

the papers were not served until this morning, when sally had been in california for a week, and two days after the court hearing. this was the first notice she would have had if she’d stayed here and tended to her business like her sister wanted her to.

toni alleged that sally authorized toni’s custody of the baby when he was a newborn, and stated that sally was unable to provide for the baby, and had voluntarily given the baby to toni.

the papers state: “explain why appointing the person in 3 guardian would be best for this child:” answer: “mother has not taken an interest in the child. she has drug and alcoholic issues. she is unable to provide for him. he has been in our care since the age of two weeks. mother has signed power of attorney, medical consent and appointment of temporary guardian.”

and then she wrote this as her sworn statement. perjury goes unpunished in this country. why wasn’t this taped by court tv? what drama? what a reality show. think of the endorsements.

i scanned the public documents and blanked out the names to protect scumbags as our constitution allows.

i would have charged toni with perjury, kidnapping, and fleeing across state lines, theft by misrepresentation, and trying to work the system to evil ends. i’m not even sure their reality tv series wasn’t just made up as the excuse to take the baby to a different state. in fact, in researching, i came across toni’s and her guy’s myspace pages, and i found an interview he gave back in 2002, where he mentions the reality tv idea that some firm that no longer sponsors him whipped up as a publicity thing. 2002 is a long time to be hot enough for your own reality tv show…

i can’t hate her, tho. she’s wreaked havoc on sally and little mascott, tho he won’t remember except as some fantastic tale that makes up his mother’s colorful personality. i pity toni. she is obviously driven crazy by her greed for what she wants and can’t have. i know what’s wrong with her. she’s damaged her fertility by following that extreme diet she eats, avoiding fats and eating way too much soy. it fucks your hormones up.

you want to have a baby, you want to have some fat on you, so the baby fairy will look at you and see a childbearing woman, not a little stick bodied tattooed boy. so i sent her a book on fertility foods.

since plan a didn’t work, she could try the diet. if that doesn’t work, she could try another charm – adopt – then she’ll get pregnant.

my guess is that toni is a poor sick deluded woman with a deafening biological clock, and under the stress of being forced out of her business, and finding her sister the favored one, she reverted to the childhood toni, which thought nothing of taking the doll away from her sister and keeping it because she deserved it more.

i hope she hasn’t commited suicide in the last two days since the baby she’d unlawfully taken was removed from her. it would be the waste of a perfectly good gift if she died. and the loss of someone i considered perfectly okay until she tried to snatch her sister’s baby.

it’s not so much that toni tried to shame her sister into giving her the baby. families use shame to control each other all the time. it’s not that they all ganged up on sally. it’s not that she was too unsuspecting – sally has always had bad judgment in her men, and often in her friends and her choice of actions. of course she can’t trust her family – another bad decision. it’s one of the things she’s hear to explore in this life.

the part i find so heinous is the part where toni’s guy and dad backed her audacity and encouraged her selfish desire to keep sally’s doll, and that they all conspired for what looks like most of the time since sally got pregnant, to take control of her life once and for all, punish her irresponsibility by not allowing her to keep the baby, and drive her into a breakdown after which she can be hospitalized for her own good.

the really appalling part of this for me is that they thought the state would reward this behavior.

as for sally, at his moment she’s out in las vegas making contacts and visiting friends, little mascott in her arms, and we’ll be seeing her on the weekend, when she gets home.

at that point she’ll be just in time to ward off another, perhaps final blow from the landlord.

and start the process of finding a new shop where she can run her business.

and raise her kid far from her family.


sally had her baby back. the sister turned around and reported her to dfcs. they came with a report that sally had guns and was selling drugs out of the house. they found a nice neat little apartment decorated to the nines and clean as disinfectant. no drugs, not even a wine bottle. she said, ‘i’ll bet i can tell you why you’re here,’ and then told them the story of her evil sister. they closed the case right then and there.

while the baby was teething, in her husband’s mom’s basement out in california, the advice they got from his mom, and followed because it made him act so cute, was to soak peppermint sticks in whiskey and let him suck on them. worked like a charm. what do you expect when attempted-adoptive grandma’s son is a skateboard star?


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