Cathy Eats Her Words

October 2, 2008

november’s coming, cathy hasn’t eaten

Filed under: Author's Note,NaNoWriMo — jeanne @ 4:51 pm

after not having written word one since last november’s mad orgy of novelling, this november i will be going back to try and finish cathy eats her words .

unlike last year, i won’t be participating in any of the hand-holding meet your local fellow-nanowrimo contestant thing at coffee shops around atlanta.

what i will do is to print out all the already written chapters and review my notes.

my husband hasn’t read anything i wrote last year, because i wrote it while i was hanging out on a custom mural job he’d taken on. we went to these rich buckhead people’s home and painted on their wall every day last november. jim painted on the wall, i sat and typed, we brought a boombox and some classical music, we brought lunch, we brought the dogs. and i sat and wrote a novel for the four hours or so that we were there. got 6,000 words written a day that way. bang bang bang on the typewriter keys (click click click).

so i’ll get him to read what i’ve already written. i’ll read it myself. then i’ll have a comletely different idea of what the ending should be, because i’ve had a year to let it sit and simmer, and he’ll help me come up with the twists and turns it will have to take to get there from here.

lots of shit has to happen.


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