Cathy Eats Her Words

November 21, 2008

author’s note

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this is such a long final little bit of the chapter. It was meant to be the standard 8-10 pages that i end up with per chapter. But the little bit that had to be covered in the outline turned into page after page of exploring the building events, and now it’s as least twice as long.

Feeling my way. And i just today thought up what has to happen in the next and last chapters, which is a whole interlocking series of events involving the minor characters, who interact with each other. This is like a story in itself, and i find as i finish this sixth chapter that i’m thinking of things that i’ve just set up and how they must play out, and rushing down to the bottom of the outline and putting down what has to happen before i forget it.

So the following chapters are getting bigger, but it’s the end of the book and it’ll turn out as big as it needs to be. I’m really busy mowing the grass behind this wall calling publishing, striking out and rewording as fast as i can. It’s just that i’ve planted so many seeds and they keep sprouting up and needing to be trimmed.

It could get worse. I’ve just maybe decided to include a suspected meth lab in our neighborhood into the story. At least, i suspect there’s a meth lab because of the funny smells, but it could just be somebody dumped their toxic waste in their side yard or something. But i’m sitting here writing what does whom to what and i keep wondering how it could fit in.

more pages, bigger, longer, incapable of being finished in the time left in the nanowrimo contest and so maybe we’ll wait until next year to finish cathy eats her words? i don’t fucking think so. i don’t want to spend three years on this unpublished novel when i could be writing a book that my entire family will never speak to me again after it’s unpublished on the internet for them all not to read – train wreck: the wrath of mom.

i’m actually spending all the time i was going to take finishing the sixth chapter finally, and i probably might could have finished it today. but i’m spending all my time rewriting how the story has to go from here, and it’s a major rewrite, with all sorts of emerging motivations and twists in the plot.

it’s beginning t o get musical, mathematical, there’s rhythm to what happens and then what happens and then what happens. a waltz maybe. It’s much more complex than it was, but when i wrote the outline there was a fuzzy spot at the end where a miracle needed to occur. so, cool, i sat down this morning and pulled one out of the air in front of me.

i love when that happens. It means you could just sit down and start writing without a thought in your head beyond the opening scene – which appeared to you while you were sitting in the bathroom. and the story would write itself. And you wouldn’t know the ending until you read it on the screen. this technique is called no plot, no problem, and it’s how one of the founders of nanowrimo writes. just write. shit happens.


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