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About this project

Welcome to my NaNoWriMo contribution, where during the month of November I’m going to try to achieve 50,000 words of fiction. Or more. I’ve written several novels before this (see Splat), and none of them have found a publisher, mainly because I am a very dilatory saleswoman. But I love to write, so I keep making new stories. I also paint, and do fabric work, garden compulsively, and poke my insatiable nose into all sorts of interesting situations.

This comes from a life lived for adventure and against all advice. I’m now lucky to be in my 50s, have survived several bouts of cancer, and am a brand new grandma, with 4 generations close at hand to draw plot devices from. Life is good.

I hope you enjoy my nascent novel. Feel free to leave me a comment.

January ’08 – Well, I wrote 65,000 words in fourteen days of work, which is all I could manage during the busy month of November. Why they don’t pick novel month to be February, I’ll never know. It’s been difficult to get back into writing during December and January, but I’m seeing opportunities coming my way to abandon all my other projects and concentrate more on writing. I figured I got to about halfway during November, and so there’s another month of work in this, the first draft of my latest unpublished novel.

april 08 – a family wedding i’d like to write a story about, and i haven’t managed to get back into the writing. it’s one fabric project aftr another (see fabricart) and now i’ve got one based on the wedding. maybe next november i’ll actually do nanowrimo again and finish the thing.

december 08 – okay, i did nanowrimo again this year, and got some far, but not all the way. i ended up writing almost as much in my blogs about the story as i did writing the story. i am going to try to finish the thing in the new year, so i can start on my next unpublished novel – Train Wreck: The Wrath Of Mom.”

october 09 – i never did pick up cathy’s story.  i stopped right at the edge of the big crisis, and saw only endless cliffs in front of me.  so now i’m going to start on another story, a more evil story, a story of matricide and idiot progeny.



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